Our Environmental Policy


We announced last week our commitment to pursuing certification with Green Tourism. We aim to increase environmental awareness and understanding throughout our workforce and beyond.

GH Event Catering recognize the environmental issues associated with our major activities relating to waste, water and energy management as well as the issue relating to our peripheral activities. We aim to implement all reasonably practicable measures to prevent pollution to our surrounding environment and have a commitment to compliance with legal and other requirements and approved codes of practice.

In achieving these aims the company will:

  • Ensure that the company meets or exceeds all relevant and current environmental legislation regarding our business operations.
  • Ensure that all the company employees are aware of the sustainability issues the company faces and how they can help by providing the appropriate training.
  • Establish objectives and targets to support this policy and review them regularly to ensure we continually improve our environmental performance.
  • Strive to ensure that all of our wastes and chemical are handled, stored and disposed of as required not only by legislation, but as examples of best practice.
  • Work to avoid or reduce any amount of waste produce (food and non-food).
  • Investigate measures which would reduce the consumption of valuable resources such as water and energy and hence reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases the business and its operations produces.
  • Investigate all opportunities for increasing recycling initiatives.
  • Strive to minimize the risk of pollutant disposal to water, land and air and minimising or avoiding when possible the use of hazardous substances.
  • Ensure a procurement policy that will benefit the local community and the support of ethical and environmentally responsible products and services.
  • Develop, implement and achieve certification to the international standard for environmental management systems – BS EN ISO14001.
  • Exercise control, as far as is possible, over the environmental impacts arising as a result of work being undertaken on our behalf by our sub-contractors.

GH Event Catering Ltd will endeavor to increase environmental awareness and understanding within the workforce in order to meet the above aims.


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